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Every day, we strive to build a more sustainable tomorrow

We build harmonious relationships not only with our partners and colleagues, but also with the environment. Each day we take small steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow, understanding that sustainability goes beyond mere eco-innovation or profitability for us. It is a commitment to create a working environment that is both eco-friendly and people-centric, characterized by fairness and transparency.

How do we integrate sustainability principles into our daily lives?

  • Embracing nature
    To deepen our connection with nature, we have chosen hybrid cars, which are used daily by our colleagues. Moreover, we're committed to minimizing our ecological impact through the implementation of an environmental policy and the utilization of advanced waste management and sorting systems.
  • Eco-friendly cooperation
    We consistently collaborate with our partners to develop proposals aimed at preserving trees during the construction process whenever feasible. Additionally, we offer solutions that adhere to ESG and CE principles or facilitate the attainment of certifications that validate sustainable building practices (such as BREEAM or others). This cooperative approach promotes environmental protection, awareness, and responsibility within the business environment.
  • Innovative work methods
    Aligned with our company's clear strategies, values, and goals, we prioritize engaging our colleagues and fostering efficient working practices. We achieve this through the utilization of advanced methodologies and tools such as BIM, Dalux applications, and continuous improvement methodologies. These efforts enhance job satisfaction, minimize human error, and facilitate improved communication.
  • Emphasis on transparency, equality and growth
    We recognize our people as our greatest asset, investing in the competence of our colleagues through a wide range of professional and personal development training programs. This makes us more efficient and improves the well-being of our team members. We take equality seriously, valuing individuals based on their skills rather than their gender or age and ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to advance within the company. We are proud to have as many as 8 internal initiative clubs, fostering team spirit by doing our favourite activities together.

Competence and quality

The company has been awarded certificates confirming that the organisation's management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. The implementation of this management system and the development of its requirements ensure the high quality of the services provided by the company and the sustainable and safe performance of its work. The company is a member of the Lithuanian Builders Association and the Lithuanian Water Suppliers Association.