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Reconstruction of the Great Hall of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

Project value ~ 1,5M
Completion deadline 2019
Client Concert Institution Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

About the client

The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society (LNPS) is the country’s largest concert institution founded in 1940. In 1998, the LNPS was granted the status of a national cultural institution. Its mission is to foster Lithuanian musical culture and the art of music performance, and to introduce listeners to Lithuanian and foreign classical and contemporary music.

The first buildings on the site of the current Philharmonic building date back to the early 16th century, when Vilnius was surrounded by a defensive wall. The Vilnius magistrate of the time allowed the visiting merchants to build the Ruthenians Merchants’ House, referred to as “Vilnius Guest Court” by historians, next to it.

INFES work

In order to preserve the uniqueness and value of the immovable object of cultural heritage, the renovation work had to comply with heritage protection requirements. Due to stricter fire safety requirements, the aisles were slightly enlarged, the central aisle in the balcony was restored, and some of the folding chairs for standing people with tickets were repaired. Also, modern lighting and ventilation systems were installed.


The main objective of this project, which is very important to the public, was to ensure the comfort of the audience and the performers of the National Symphony Orchestra. After the reconstruction, the renovated Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall remains the main concert hall in Vilnius with the best acoustics, allowing Vilnius residents and visitors to enjoy the city and its cultural life.

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