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Reconstruction of Akmenė District Sports and Fitness Centre

Reconstruction of Akmenė District Sports and Fitness Centre

Project value ~ 11M
Completion deadline Q3, 2023
Client Administration of Akmenė District Municipality

About the client

Akmenė District Municipality is located in the north-west of Lithuania and borders Latvia. Its administrative centre is Naujoji Akmenė. Akmenė District with its centre in Akmenė town was established in 1950. In 1995, the Akmenė District Municipality was formed from the district, and the urban-type settlements of Venta and Viekšniai became towns. The territory of the municipality includes 3 towns – Akmenė, Naujoji Akmenė, Venta, 2 small towns – Kruopiai and Papilė and 165 villages.

The sports centre in the centre of the district, Naujoji Akmenė, is a school for non-formal education of children and adults, which is important for the whole region and had needed reconstruction for some time. Now it has become the sports and wellness centre of the Akmenė district, covering an area of about 5,068 m² and having a height of 12.8 metres.

INFES work

Dismantling of part of the Sports Palace building, leaving the existing multi-purpose sports hall. A two-storey annex was built next to it, providing all the necessary facilities for staff, athletes, and visitors, as well as additional fitness rooms and administration offices on the second floor.

A swimming pool block was built in the western part of the building, which includes a 25-metre, two-lane swimming pool, a leisure pool with a slide, whirlpools, rehabilitation equipment, saunas, etc. There is also a technical basement and a café.

The entire building is equipped with modern and energy-efficient engineering, ventilation, and other systems necessary for the building’s operation, as well as two solar power plants with a total capacity of 135 kW. The building now has 2 parking lots: one for visitors, consisting of 85 parking spaces, including 2 spaces for electric cars and 1 for a bus. The second parking lot has 9 parking spaces for employees.


The building has undergone a major renovation and has become not only a sports centre, but also a wellness centre, which is expected to become an attraction for the local community as well as for the residents of neighboring towns and villages. It will be able to host competitions in a wide range of sports. The building can now accommodate around 530 people at a time.

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