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In progress

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Phase I

Project value ~ 20M
Completion deadline 2023
Client VĮ Lietuvos teatro ir muzikos akademijos

About the client

The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT) is the country’s leading higher education institution training performing arts professionals. The history of the LAMT is closely linked to the first official music school in Lithuania, founded by composer Juozas Naujalis in 1919 in Kaunas. During the interwar period, as the number of qualified musicians educated in European cultural centres grew, the need for a higher music school in Lithuania gradually increased. The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre was officially established in 1933 when the Kaunas School of Music was reorganized into a conservatoire. In 1940, the Vilnius School of Music was also established. It was reorganised into the Vilnius Conservatoire in 1944. For several years, two separate higher music schools operated in Kaunas and Vilnius, until in 1949 they were merged into one – the Lithuanian State Conservatoire. After the restoration of independence, the State Conservatoire was renamed the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

INFES work

Two phases of the LAMT Study Campus investment project are planned, the first phase of the project consists of two stages. During the implementation of stage I of the first phase, the Faculty of Theatre and Film (FTF) and the Small Hall Block (SHB) will be constructed at the LAMT Study Campus (Olandų g. 21A, Vilnius), and during stage II the Faculty of Music will be constructed.


The entire complex of the LAMT Study Campus will consist of eight buildings dedicated to the study, research, and creation of music, theatre, cinema and dance art. The future LAMT Study Campus will be a unique space designed and built for the first time in the history of Lithuania specifically for the study of professional theatre, cinema, and dance art. The modern infrastructure of the new LAMT Study Campus will allow to improve the quality of the study programmes offered by the LAMT, to gather the intellectual and creative community of the LAMT at one core, as the Academy’s infrastructure is currently scattered in different locations in Vilnius, and to compete more effectively in the Lithuanian and international space of artistic studies. The new LAMT Study Campus will be open not only to the Academy’s students and lecturers, but also to the general public.

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