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Pakruojis Culture Centre

Project value ~ 4,13
Completion deadline Q4, 2024
Client Pakruojis Culture Centre

About the client

Pakruojis Culture Centre is an organization providing a wide range of cultural services and facilitating cultural events and people’s self-expression. The Culture Centre focuses on the promotion of ethno-culture, the representation of artists, and education that introduces Lithuanian and foreign culture to the public. It is a multifunctional culture centre, which is devoted to taking care of the cultural and self-expression needs of the residents of Pakruojis region.

This culture centre was opened in 1950 in the shed of the Pakruojis Firefighters’ Association. Later, in 1961, a cultural house with 400 seats was built. In 2000, the building was reconstructed.

INFES work

The simple renovation works carried out at the 2-storey Pakruojis Culture Centre brick building include the interior, electrical installations, ventilation, and air conditioning. On the outside of the building, the old ramps are being replaced.

Significance of the project

The activities of culture centres are of major importance for the country’s wellbeing: they contribute to the development of international cultural cooperation, the creation of national culture and art, the competitiveness of cultural services, and the shaping of cultural policy. It also contributes to community building, public education, and self-expression and leisure.


Once the works are completed, this public community facility will become a comfortable and pleasant environment both for the Pakruojis Culture Centre employees and visitors. The tidy interior and engineering solutions will allow the building’s spaces to be used appropriately for their respective intended activities.

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